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Pumpkin Scissors

Pumpkin Scissors

Here’s another one of my favourite anime: Pumpkin Scissors. Pumpkin Scissors follows the exploits of a squad dispatched after a long devastating war.

Perceived as nothing more than a gimmick to bolster dwindling public opinion, this rag-tag squad of all but the best soldiers goes about their relief efforts despite continual mockery. That is until Randel Oland, former member of the top-secret ATT squad, joins their ranks and turns them into a force to be reckoned with.

I enjoyed this anime partly because of the ever-present humour, but mostly because of the way it addressed the issue of post-war restoration. Because most anime either assume a conflict-focused stance (where the war is the story) or a post-apocalyptic stance (where survival is the story), and few ever address the period in-between.

Whereas in real-life wars and disasters are not the beginning nor the end of humanity, but rather points from which we recover – and it is in recovering that most of our time is spent. So it was interesting to watch an anime that explored what happens after war in more realistic terms.


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