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For me, Jormungand was one of those rare finds. One of those anime that no one is really talking about, yet is sooo good.

An Anime about arms dealing from the perspective of a war monger, the series may seem mundane by plot description alone. But in truth this description presents the perfect setting for tons of action and warfare.

The star of the show is however, not the warmonger who the series follows. But rather, her newest bodyguard, a child soldier who kicks all kinds of butt – and who ironically, also hates the very arms deals he is sworn to protect.

As the series progresses we find out how and why our reluctant soldier is doing a job he despises, and also come to gain a respect for “the bad guy.” All in all, I was strongly reminded of the backstory of “Sagara Gunso” from Full Metal Panic. Now imagine getting to watch him as a child 🙂


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