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Ever since I heard a 2nd season of Mushi-shi was coming, I’ve been dying to write about it – and now it’s finally here! The second season continues in the same fashion as the first: with a lovely mellow soundtrack, and subtle, yet compelling stories about human relationships with the strange and phantasmal.

An anime about  ayakashi (termed “mushi” in this instance),  Mushishi takes the neutral stance – deeming these creatures as neither good nor evil, but a natural phenomenon like bacteria: which often have negative effects (but not necessarily out of any ill-will).

Thus we follow a silver-haired “Mushi-ishi” or Mushi doctor named Ginko, as he spends his days travelling the country side treating and diagnosing patients suffering from mushi related ailments. It’s a novel concept,  and each episode reveals an interesting plot that is as much about human relationships, as it is about the paranormal. Certainly a must-see for the curious mind. Otherwise entertainment value may vary.


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