Anime Recommendations


Hello, and Welcome.

This is your anime aficionado, the Anicionado, here to tell you a bit more about why I’ve started this blog.

You see over the years, I’ve watched several anime and browsed a number of different sites to find them. So much so, that I sometimes forget which ones I’ve already watched, when I watched them, and what I thought of them at the time.

When this happens, I’ve always thought it would be helpful to have a place where I can view all that information at a glance, without having to re-watch episodes or read entire plot synopses.

Similarly, I have found that most people whose interest’s in anime have been piqued for one reason or another, would rather be recommended to by a friend, than go looking for something to watch themselves. Even amongst well-travelled anime watchers, trading recommendations is a common occurrence.

So my goal here is to provide brief impressions (snapshots if you will), of anime I have watched and what I thought of them. So that at a glance, I (and hopefully you as well) can answer the question:

What shall I watch today?


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