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Newcomers Guide

Hi there! Good to see a fresh face.

If this is your first time on an anime blog, reading the about page may not be enough to get you oriented; and, if you’ve been on other anime blogs, your expectations may be too high. So I’ve written this guide to help you get around, and get what you expect.

Like the about page says:

…my goal here is to provide brief impressions (snapshots if you will), of anime I have watched and what I thought of them. So that at a glance, I (and hopefully you as well) can answer the question: What shall I watch today?

Accordingly, there aren’t any anime videos, in-depth reviews, or episode synopsis on here; just anime I’ve watched, and a summary of my impressions of them. I do however link to the corresponding Anime News Network article for each anime: where you can find other pertinent information. Simply click the picture in the anime post to go there. After that, the rest is up to you.

To find anime to watch, you can use:

  • The menu on the left  – where I’ve grouped them according to my tastes
  • The sub-menu under “Watched” – where I’ve grouped them by season and rewatchability
  • Or the tags down below – where I have grouped them by genre.

You can also use the search bar if you know which anime you want to get my opinion of, and feel free to comment with your own anime recommendations too! 🙂


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